Block Walk

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

An ideal app for the door knocking real estate agent

At 10:30 you arrive at ABC street, and knock on the first door… “not home”. Next door ..”not interested”. Noted on your handy dandy clipboard. Next house -“not home”. Six houses later….. “interested in info but not doing something for 3 months so keep in touch”.  Thirty minutes and a bunch of doors later one home owner, though not doing anything themselves.. says … “go see those people 3 doors away. She told me they were thinking about selling” .  Forty minutes..two leads?
The Old school approach?  At any one of these stops you’d be juggling the clipboard to find the pencil while simultaneously trying to nonchalantly pick up the pages up off the ground (that slipped out of the clipboard somehow) to start scribbling their thoughts/notes so you won’t forget what she says by the time you get back to your car. Old school ….You got back to your car to find you can’t read what you’d written. Old school….which address was I at where the woman mentioned the other woman?   Old school?  I’m missing a page.  Professional? Not so much! Effective?  No way?  
This handy little app will track your time, and your doors, your successes, and your notes.  Before you’re back at the car that potential seller can  have an email from you thanking them for their time at the door and your follow up activities will be defined and calendared for future follow up.  Knowing that 45 minutes/ 20 doors/ produces 2 leads creates certainty about the income stream. And a follow up reminder will ensure your new business gets managed on time every time.  

Did you know that door knockers convert leads into deals at  MUCH higher numbers than phone prospectors – even with a paper and clipboard?  Imagine the possibilities!